The Advantage and Disadvantage of Forum Discussions.

article-2Most of you are familiar with them, however, might not have heard the term ‘forum’ before. Well forum is only just another name for discussion boards and other names. They enable clients of a site to associate with one another by trading tips and talking about hot topics related to the website theme. Forums spare data posted on a specific topic for other people to see at any time, it creates a discussion environment. Everything that gets posted gets read over and over again. There are some advantages and disadvantages of forum discussion. Here are some advantages:

It is used to express and see different views and opinions on an assorted scope of topics. There is right to speak freely, and individuals can write in any form they want. Due to their continuous posting, users such as students can increase their writing skills and habits, making them more responsive and proficient of others’ thoughts. Forums offer thoughts as well as feelings, so they can easily relate with people who using the web. And it also helps the students can easily access their classmates and professor posted, so they can comment and create an active online classroom society.

While its disadvantages, forum is open to hackers, spammers and predators. The administrator can edit individual posts, and they can ban/mute individuals if they put a few ideas with which they don’t feel comfortable with, even if the ideas may be useful to others. People may give up on posting due to the reactions lacking of non-verbal communication, taking much longer to propose than verbal conversation and being misleading and useless. The posts may become messy, sloppy and off topic. Any random individual may go onto the forum and spam the threads, and it is making the forum less attractive, thus losing many members and visitors.

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