5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid While Choosing Data Recovery Software


Life revolves around gadgets these days – it could be anything from your computer or tablet to smartphone. We have our important documents, contact details, pictures,and all important data stored on these devices. The other fact is that all this data can vanish in a second due to varied reasons. It can be due to a virus, malware attack, or power failure. The hardcore reality is that data loss is a real thing. This is something that bothers all organizations because data is the bedrock for them.

Organizations make use of data recovery softwareto ensure that all this valuable data is retrieved and its integrity is restored. In the process of making a choice, there are many mistakes that they tend to commit. Here are some pitfalls that should be avoided to ensure that you choose the right data recovery software.

Not Ensuring Compatibility

The first and foremost thing to consider is that the software is compatible with your system. But, most people tend to forget this aspect. Check what the minimum system requirement for the chosen softwareis. It should be able to recover not one but different file formats. Check if the software you are trying to purchase gives you the option of previewing the corrupted files before actually initiating the retrieval process.

Not Checking If the Software Is High on Performance

Don’t forget to check how good the software is in terms of performance. Besides being compatible with the system and having some added features, it should be quite easy to use. When crucial data is lost, the person would already be in a hazy mindset during which using a complex software will only result in mistakes and losing the data forever. Thus, the software should be fast, user-friendly, and have an easy step-by-step guide for data retrieval. It shouldn’t have a complicated procedure that requires extra tools or deep technological know-how to run it.

Not Paying Attention to Security Features

Don’t ignore the security aspect of the software. It should be equipped with all sorts of security protocols to protect the integrity of the data. The last thing you would want is to be able to retrieve data, but compromise on its security. Thus, select a 100% safe and secure tool for data recovery. Read reviews before choosing software. For instance, if you want to go for Data Rescue, read the Data Rescue review as this will help you in understanding if it actually offers complete data recovery or not. Download only after you are satisfied with its performance and security features.

Not Focusing on Service Support

Many people don’t focus on the service support aspect when making a choice. When data is lost and an issue pops up while retrieving it, you can’t wait for the customer care to be accessible only during particular timings. You need access to dedicated staff all around the clock. So, choose software that provides service support 24*7*365.  The service support should not only provide support, but also give regular updates.

Not Choosing the Software as Per Your Requirements

You should understand what your requirements are and how much data you normally deal with. The requirements vary between different individuals and organizations. Those dealing with financial transactions might require high-end products, while an individual wanting to retrieve some personal data might be fine with a basic software. Take a call after analyzing your needs as buying a high-end product may result in unnecessary expenditure, whereas getting a basic tool might not suffice the need.

Data is the most precious commodity in today’s digital world and losing it is a nightmare. You generally get only one chance to retrieve it once it gets lost.Hence,choose the right software that makes this one chance count.